Welcome to your Academic Software Center!

This is software distribution website, which allows Monash University Staff and Students to purchase software at significant discounts off standard retail prices.

How to get started.

If this is your first visit to this WebStore please go through the process below to register your account.

1. Click on ‘Sign In’ at the right corner of the page

2. Click on ‘Register’ button

3. Check ‘I have an institution issued email address

4. Enter your Monash University email address with which you will be verified and your account information, and then click on ‘Register.’

5. You will receive an email with a link to click on, in order to be verified.

6. Click on the link in the email to be verified. (This is very important. Failure to verify will prevent ability to proceed with purchase)

7. Once your email has been verified you will have access to the WebStore. Now you can start shopping!

Please make use of the HELP menu if you have any problems. There is an extensive FAQ that will likely cover the issue at hand.